All transactions are subject to the following conditions

Similarity of names.  A name will not be registered under the Companies Act where it is the same as that of an existing Company (S.22(1)(c) Companies Act 1981).  However a similar name may be registered.  There is always the risk, within 12 months of a name being registered, that the Secretary of State may use his powers under S.24 Companies Act 1981 to direct a Company to change its name because in his opinion that name is too like an existing registered name or, that at any time, another Company or trader may object that the name may confuse the public as to the identity of the party using it or is in some way in breach of their legal rights.

It is agreed that we will not be liable in any manner whatsoever for a name which could not reasonably be foreseen by us at the date of our search to be one to which the Secretary of State or third party would take objection.  We do not carry out trade mark searches and it is agreed that we are not responsible in the event that a Company name is an infringement of any existing or pending trade mark.

Due to the implementation of 2007 Money Laundering Regulations (EC Third Money Laundering Directive) on 15 December 2007, it is now necessary for all Trust and Company Services providers, including company formation agents, to register with H.M. Revenue & Customs, and to put anti-money laundering systems into place. We are  therefore  required  to  ask  for  formal  identification  of  company directors and beneficial owners of companies before we can undertake to provide our services.  We shall need you to send us a recent utility bill showing your name and current address, and also a passport or a photo driving licence. These can be original documents or copies certified by a solicitor, notary public or commissioner for oaths.